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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bye Bye, Kelsey Gardens

CityPaper has the scoop on the raze permits filed for the vacant Kelsey Gardens complex.  From what I've heard, this redevelopment project in the 1500 block of Seventh (dubbed Addison Square -- not sure if that name will stick or not) will move forward soon with a new party taking the lead.

With CityMarket, Kelsey Gardens, and Progression Place all in motion, the Seventh Street corridor is really going to be transformed.


ML said...

Note that this may have more to do with incoming blighted property taxes than pending development. Hopefully I'm wrong and we'll see this patch of 7th develop soon. Though I'm not holding my breath.

Either way, I'll be happy to the buildings leveled if for nothing more than improved safety.

Shaw Rez said...

I've heard from a reliable sources that the project's moving forward with a new company taking the lead... details coming as soon as things are finalized/confirmed.

so while the demo might be related to avoiding blight designation or taxation, I think redevelopment is indeed imminent.

ML said...

Great to hear!

Though we hear so much development news that never pans out in Shaw, it's hard to get excited about it anymore until the dirt starts flying.