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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Through Beau Thai's Summer Cocktail List, Vegetate Lives on in Spirits

If you are a relative newcomer to this blog, you might not know how obsessed I was with the restaurant Vegetate, which formerly occupied 1414 Ninth Street and closed in late 2009. I loved everything about it: from its vegetarian masterpieces (man, I miss those risotto croquettes) to its cool vibe and atmosphere. I especially loved interacting with the owners, Jennifer and Dominic Redd, who were always such gracious hosts who poured their hearts into every element of the restaurant and yet always made time to talk with the neighborhood locals like me. My most fond memories are of the everyday experiences of just walking down after work for one of their awesome, original cocktails.

So fast forward, I’m now an owner of the restaurant Beau Thai at New Jersey and R (which, by the way, gets a fantastic review by Tom Sietsema in the upcoming Sunday Washington Post!) and am also one of the many Washingtonians who have longed for the return of Jennifer and Dominic to the restaurant scene.

When we embarked on creating a specialty cocktail list for Beau Thai, tapping Jennifer and Dominic for help was a logical choice: we wanted our list to be unique, to incorporate fresh ingredients like our food, and to feature a delicious concoctions, just like Vegetate’s cocktails. Fortunately for us, they were up for the challenge and more. They designed a summer drink list for us, which will officially unveil this Saturday night (with Jennifer and Dominic working the bar for us!).

All of the featured drinks are really fantastic. Ingredients found in the recipes include house-infused Thai chili vodka, homemade limoncello, ginger-lime puree, and house-grown kaffir lime leaves.  One drink that graced Vegetate’s menu and that is reincarnated is Beau Thai’s Thai Basil Gimlet. The bright green cocktail is made from muddled, house-grown Thai basil, fresh squeezed lime juice, brown sugar, and small batch vodka. The homemade ginger beer is refreshing, tasty and light.

Be sure to stop by Saturday night to say hello to old friends Jennifer and Dominic and anytime thereafter to taste the amazing summer cocktails they designed for Beau Thai!

Beau Thai
1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW


Shawn Magnuson said...

Wait, you own Beau Thai? I thought you were just a blogger!

Shaw Rez said...

Yup -- I'm an owner of Beau Thai (slash blogger slash lawyer...)

amanda said...

What time Saturday?

Shaw Rez said...

Good question--Jennifer and Dominic will be making drinks from 5 til 11 Saturday.

Melissa said...

Congrats! I used to live around the corner and was so sad it was not open by the time I moved. And after I went, it made me happy that it was not ready back then. I would've spent my rent money eating there! It is delicious! And I love that is cozy without being uncomfortable. Will be going more often, that's for sure!

Bloomingdame said...

Stopped by last night for the gin and cucumber cocktail, a garden roll, and charming conversation with Dominic and Jennifer, and the Beau Thai staff - what a lovely wait to start a beautiful summer evening!