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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rogue 24 Opens Tonight

The much anticipated Rogue 24 officially opens its doors tonight in Blagden Alley.  The WaPo has a writeip about the groundbreaking restaurant by RJ Cooper here.  I had the privilege of getting a sneak peak of the space a few weeks ago, and it looks fantastic and the dining experience is going to be like no other.

If you are one of the lucky ones who's dining there tonight, let us know about your experience in the comments!

Rogue 24
922 N Street, NW (Rear)


Anonymous said...

The space looks awesome. I heard from some pre-opening day local guests that the food and signature cocktails are out of this world.

— Patience.

Mari said...

It was good. You should go. Save up your pennies (quarters, Susan B. Anthony's too) for this wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

Rogue24 - a 24 course "Journey" - amazing!! Perfect wine pairing (beer was poured to accompany the fabulous desserts - it worked!) We walked over and met Bloomingdale friends- they arrived by cab and reported that their driver grumbled about taking them to Blagden Alley - they told him to take note - that this is the new arts/dining district! We were lucky to dine on operning night, and Shaw is lucky to have such a fabulous new restaurant!

tywesleycobb said...

I have reservations in 2 weeks. I'll report back then.

ML said...

I'm excited this place is in Shaw, but not b/c I'll be able to patronize it. The reality is I'll probably only get to enjoy it once or twice in the next 5 yrs., as I limit myself when it comes to the number of $$$ meals I'll pay for and already have a long list of places in town to try.

Rather, I'm excited for this place to bring in the foodies who will no doubt see this as an exotic trip to an 'edgy' neighborhood for high-end food... and their money.

With the new Marriott close by, you could see this place also becoming the hip place, or best dining "secret" for the expense account set to try whilst in DC at the Convention (along with Corduroy). Years ago, people saw Marrakesh that way (maybe they still do) and they seemed to do pretty well.

Personally though much more excited for Tom Powers new bistro, Sundevich and Shaw Tavern - places I'll actually get to on a regular basis.

Shaw Rez said...

ML - we actually popped into Rogue last night for a drink and a bite in the lounge up front (we were their first lounge patrons who weren't awaiting a reservation!). Cocktails are in the $12 range, so not bad at all for a unique escape. I'll definitely be back soon -- maybe tonight -- for drinks up front.

We also enjoyed a few (9 each...) AMAZING bites from the menu, such as the liquid chicken and the hog jowl thing, which admittedly made our final bill more than a casual pop-in-for-a-drink-and-quick-bite that Power's new restaurant and SunDeVich will provide.

ML said...

Nice. Good to hear you can still experience part of the "journey" without parting with too much of your wallet.

Thanks too for keeping tabs on the latest and greatest in Shaw; great to see you posting more again.

Culinarily Quixotic said...

Kinda sad, i wanted to go and the day before they opened I was walking in the alley and saw the Chef sitting outside w/ someone. I simply said welcome and before I could politely leave him be he gave me a curt "thanks" and walked away. The other person started to chat me up, but I excused myself and the moment I took a step back the chef bounded back out to his company. I'm blessed enough to live in the neighborhood and have the money to dine there, but I have no desire to now.