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Monday, June 06, 2011

Rent Me: 903-905 N Street, NW

The building that formerly housed The Space has sat empty and available for lease since the former establishment closed (from what I understand, The Space closed because of a variety of reasons, mostly attributed to The Space's management/ownership). I love the interior of the building, with its concrete floors and high ceilings, and the roofdeck is one of the best in the city (although The Space failed to operate the roof deck in a way that did not disturb nearby residential neighbors).

903-905 N Street is primely situated just off the intersection of Ninth and N near the convention center, the soon-to-open Rogue 24, Long View Gallery, and so forth. I always tell people about it who own cool businesses and are looking for locations in the area and encourage others to do the same.  Check out the listing for 903-905 N here.

I think it’d be a phenomenal restaurant with outdoor seating or art gallery/event venue. What do you think would be a good fit?


Rachelle said...

An art gallery would be fantastic!

LC said...

I am helping my friend look for a for an modern, understated venue for her wedding reception and just remembered The Space. Does anyone know who I could contact to ask if they'd be willing to lease it out for a night?