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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lamont Bishop Closing Reception for ChickenVille Tomorrow

Tomorrow night (June 24) from 6:30 to 10 pm, Lamont Bishop Gallery will host a closing reception for its current show of works by artist Brandon Hill called “ChickenVille.”

ChickenVille is heavily inspired by both his upbringing and experiences, gathering ideas of family, culture and place. ChickenVille, as described by the artist, is a place defined as a jubilant mixture of Americana, technical proficiency of craft and ideas of pop-culture, sci-fi, lore and legend, all meeting on the same plateau.“The Babychicken” Hill's work reflects his unique perspective of both the serious and trivial nature of objects and concepts that we humans interact with. ChickenVille contains a robust collection of Hill's interpretation of deck art, 2-dimensional works, sculpture, and light installation. His Baltimore heritage is a reoccurring topic in his work, and the individual topics range from boxer Max Schmeling to fictional character Robocop. Technical execution with his material use brings to life this range of concepts, using both traditional and modern methods of art-making. With great skill and attention to detail, Hill creates a very eclectic collection of works from early 2010 to present.

Lamont Bishop Gallery
1314 Ninth Street, NW

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Shaw Rez said...

Can I point out that I love the graphic design of Lamont Bishop?!