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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Civilian Art Projects Presents Dan Tague and Billy Friebele

This Friday (June 10, 2011) from 7 to 9 p.m., Civlian Art Projects will host an opening reception for its two new solo exhibitions, "The Kids Are Alright" by New Orleans-based Dan Tague and "New Loops" by Washington, DC-based artist Billy Friebele. The shows will be on view until July 23.

From the press releases:
"The Kids are Alright "
Dan Tague

New Orleanian Dan Tague is an artist and social justice advocate. Using a variety of media, techniques, and wordplay, Tague's work points to inadequacies in government policy toward education, environmental health, and financial reform. He incorporates dollar bills, screen prints, paintings, video, restored furniture, and propaganda poster art to create visual riddles and biting -- yet funny, and sometimes sad -- social commentary.

Installing artwork in a layout reminiscent of a classroom, Tague presents discrete works and editions including posters of U.S. Presidents distilled to facial hair; a Mobil oil sign screen-printed using oil from the Deep Water Horizon oil spill; deconstructed movie posters including the word "American"; and folded dollar bill pieces, some folded 100 times to create statements like "The Kids are Alright" (specially made for his show at Civilian) and "Lest we forget."

"New Loops"
Billy Friebele

For his first solo exhibition at Civilian, Billy Friebele will present three interrelated video projects; "Walking as Drawing," "Target Loop," and "Commute Loop" in the project space and The Entrance.

Exploring the spatial experience of contemporary culture, Friebele's works re-contextualize common notions of everyday public spaces and mundane routines. For "Commute Loop," the artist videotaped his lengthy daily commute to and from work for one year. Sections of the trek are sequenced into a time-lapse, looped, and mirrored on the wall, creating an endless journey of an all too familiar landscape. For "Target Loop," he attached a video camera and GPS unit to a shopping cart and traversed the aisles looking for a birthday present. For "Walking as Drawing," an on-going project the artist creates in varying locations, he invites participants to take a dérive walk within a contained space, and tracks their movements. He then color-codes and animates their paths to make a time-based collaborative drawing.

Civilian Art Projects
1019 7th Street NW
Hours: Wed-Thur-Sat 1-6pm

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