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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Video Spotlight on Old City Green

Check out this great video about our neighborhood garden center Old City Green and its owner Frank Asher. The video's producer writes, "In all the alleys, row houses and hustle and bustle of Washington DC lies and urban oasis, tucked into the corner of Shaw. OLD CITY green gives Washingtonians an escape from the urban city and provides a complete emulsion of nature. Frank Asher the owner talks more about the mission and place OLD CITY green takes in the neighborhood of Shaw."

I bought some planters and some plants (veggies, herbs and shrubs) at Old City Green this past weekend.  While there, I was reminded of one of the many benefits of shopping local:  business owners know you!  When Frank spotted me with the planters I purchased, he said "I knew you'd like those!"

Old City Green
Corner of Ninth and N Streets, Northwest

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