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Monday, April 18, 2011

SMS Auction Item: Opening Night Dinner Reservation for Four at Rogue 24

Rogue 24 is the most anticipated restaurant opening in Washington – if not the United States -- this year. And it’s in our neighborhood! Scoring a reservation on its grand opening night will be near impossible, and the inaugural dinner service will likely be attended by a who’s who of culinary enthusiasts.
Chef R.J. Cooper has generously set aside a table for four at the prime time of 8:30 on opening night for Shaw Main Streets to auction off. The exact opening date is under wraps, but I’ll hint that it’s slated to be on a weekend night and it's not too far off.

This auction is just for the opening night reservation for four at 8:30. The lucky winner(s) will be responsible for the cost of their meal, drinks and gratuity at the restaurant.

To bid on a reservation for a table for four at 8:30 on opening night of Rogue 24, either e-mail your bid to (check the comments of this post for the most current bid) or attend the Happy Hour Benefiting Shaw Main Streets at The Passenger on April 25 starting at 5. Bids will be accepted in person at the happy hour, but you need not be present to win (although you might be outbid). The winning bid will be named at 7:30.


Shaw Rez said...

Bid as of 4/18 10:48 pm: $100

Scott said...

How can we bid without knowing the date (and whether we'll be in town, available, etc.)? Is the reservation transferable in the event that we cannot attend?

Shaw Rez said...

Bid as of 4/19 3:09 pm: $150

Shaw Rez said...

Hey Scott -- I know, it's tough to commit not knowing the exact date of opening night. The reservation is transferable in the event that you can't attend opening night--your winning bid can guaranty you a reservation during Rogue 24's first week of business (you'll need to call Rogue 24 to set up an alternate reservation to opening night).

As a reminder, this bid is just for the reservation, not for the dinner, drinks, gratuity, etc.

Shaw Rez said...

Bid as of 7pm Friday 4/22: $200

Shaw Rez said...

Winning bid: $400!