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Friday, February 11, 2011

CityMarket at O: Facade Work Imminent and New Images

The CityMarket at O Blog has some updates that are sure to please all.  As discussed in detail on the blog, facade support work on the historic market should start later this month and take three months to complete, and full-on construction of the massive transformative project should start in late summer 2011 (knock on wood all goes as planned with HUD closing). 

Here are a few beautiful, new-to-me images of the planned CityMarket at O development from the CityMarket at O blog: 

New Giant grocery store at Eighth and O (see the historic market in the background, which will be incorporated into the new store)
West  building rooftop deck
East building rooftop courtyard and reconstructed roof to the historic market/new Giant
Looks awesome!

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