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Friday, February 18, 2011

Buy Me: 1539 Ninth Street

1539 Ninth Street, NW
I noticed last weekend a sign on 1539 Ninth Street advertising the property for sale. 1539 Ninth Street is one of six structures comprising a symmetric set of buildings: 1539, 1541, 1543, 1545, 1547 and 1549 Ninth (1539 and 1549 are the bookends of the group and are twins). 

Having done a little research into the unique set of residential structures in the Shaw Historic District, I learned that the six homes were built in 1885 for a total of $18,000.  They were designed by a prolific D.C. Architect, N.T. Haller. Haller is recognized as one of the premier architects of his era and was responsible for designing the Warder Building, now the Spy Museum.

1539 is at the far right and is mirrored by 1549 at the far left. 
The gray home just right of center was on last year's Logan Circle House Tour. 
 (My apologies for the terrible photo) 
This stretch of Ninth Street is zoned R-4 and is in the Shaw Historic District.  1539 has beautiful unpainted brick facade with lots of detail and and off street parking in the rear.  It has been vacant and boarded up since a fire in 2007.  I think it could be a really fantastic single family home again with a little (or maybe a  lot of...) TLC.   If interested in learning more, the sign posted on the front of 1539 says to call 483-2453.

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