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Monday, January 31, 2011

Reader Inquiry: Composting in Shaw

A reader sent in the following question:
I couldn't find an email link on Old City Green's website and I know they are closed till spring, but I wanted to see if you knew of any business/co-op that composts nearby?
Anyone have any insight into Shaw composters?


Justin said...

Companies that compost in the neighborhood or companies that will pick up compost from residents? I know of a couple of companies that will pick up food waste and compost it somewhere in the DC area.

Shaw Rez said...

I read the question to be seeking businesses in the area where you can take household goods to be composted at no charge to you.

But I'm intrigued to learn that you can pay people to pick up food waste. What companies do that?

Justin said...
are the two that I know.

PoorLilRichBoy said...

Common Good City Farm. But you will have to drop it off yourself