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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mood Lounge Coming to Ninth

Yesterday, I noticed the following permit rendering for the new awning at 1318 Ninth Street, NW, the former be bar/EFN Lounge/Motley Bar space. Apparently a business called “Mood Lounge” will open there soon. It is most exciting to know that this space will be occupied again soon, and I am hopeful Mood Lounge will be a great addition and draw to Shaw!

I have been unable to find out much of anything, but here is what I know about Mood Lounge. Back in November, I noticed (and Tweeted) that the for lease/sale sign had been removed from 1318 Ninth Street, NW.  I also noticed a building permit in the front window that read “REPLACE COUNTER TOP ON BARS ON BOTH LEVELS REFINSH BUILT IN SEATING BENCHES REPLACE FAULTY LIGHT FIXTURES REFINISH BAR SHELVES PAINT EXTERNAL WALLS.”

The Prince of Petworth also noticed the activity at 1318 Ninth and and posted about it in December. One of the commenters to the PoP story revealed a rumor that the new entity would be called Mood.

According to their agenda, ANC 2f considered a liquor license application for this address at their January 5, 2011 meeting.  The minutes of that meeting are not yet posted online, so I do not know the contents of the discussion.

Below is a photo of new awning, which was installed on January 20.  I saw it last night -- it looks great. The white lettering is back lit and draws your attention to this place.  


1314 said...

Bar, theme unknown. Was supposed to be a New Year's Eve opening according to the woman who identified herself as the owner. Looked like a gut job from the tour I got of inside. Don't know if they bought or are renting. Hope they're good neighbors.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks for the insight, 1314! I can't wait to see it for myself.

1314 said...

Just found this:

Anonymous said...

They're leasing the space; the building is still owned by the same guys who ran BeBar/EFN.

The remodeled space isn't much different from what it looked like previously. Many finishes are new --countertop on the bar, wall coverings, benches/seating, shelving behind bar slightly modified, new flooring -- but the layout of the place is identical.

I also hope they're good neighbors.