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Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Few Beau Thai Updates

Our incredible new neighborhood gem Beau Thai has three exciting updates as we go into the Labor Day weekend.

First, Beau Thai finally accepts credit cards! No more scrambling for cash to get your next fix of their delicious, made from scratch curries or any of their other tasty and fresh menu items! Woot!

Second, Beau Thai just issued a menu update (viewable at the right). The updated menu includes some great new dishes, such as Thai Sausage. Thai Sausage is an appetizer that has a little spicy heat to it, which is balanced with the slivers of fresh ginger that come with it.

Finally, Beau Thai will be a little more noticeable to passers by with a new banner-style sign above the front door (likely to be installed today)! The banner is not the intended permament sign, but will suffice for a little while as the business gets established.

Beau Thai
1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW (corner of New Jersey and R)
11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. 7 days a week


si said...

food is reeeeeally good.

ML said...


"Scott's Favorite" is still on the menu... Don't mess with my dish Beau Thai! It's perfect the way it is!!

Anonymous said...

off topic.... Ah, nothing like your local friendly alcohol peddler.... This morning, I bought two bottles of grappa of a group of six, that were behind the counter of Modern Liquors..... out of public sight. I went into the store, looking for grappa and after being told they didn't have any, an old stash -supposedly a left over from the previous owner- materialized, complete with a serving tray. The clerk, very friendly, told me that he could sell them to me, at about 20 dollars a piece, because he didn't know much about grappa. I agreed, and purchased two. I liked it. I went back a few minutes ago.... to purchase some for a friend with the intention of buying the rest of the stash. The clerk, all smiles, told me that they were 1972 vintage bottles, and that "the owner" had changed his mind, and that he would be willing to part with them for SIXTY DOLLARS A PIECE. I said "no way"! I don't know what the real vintage is since no information was readily available. My wife said that Ornellaia (one of the best brands of the stuff) goes for 30 dollars a bottle, and suddenly the clerk was reluctantly willing to sell them for 40 dollars a piece. Is it the owner's mind or the clerk's mind? We won't be going back any time soon. They can have all their grappa.