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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EFN Lounge and Motley Bar Close

Sadly the EFN Lounge and Motley Bar have closed permanently according to Metro Weekly.  Admittedly, I never really understood or took to the concept(s) for the reinvented be bar, and the lack of signage did not help in the business's success.  Nonetheless, I hate to lose this watering hole on lower Ninth.


Mr. Q said...

That place seemed like amateur night from the start of its "reinvention"...the EFN/Motley split floor concept never worked...hopefully someone who knows what they're doing can move in there now and give the entire neighborhood a fun place to hang's a great space in a soon to be better location...

Anonymous said...

I asked a bartender once why the bar didn't have a sign.

He said that lack of signage was bc whatever local board had to approve signs would not approve one for the bar.

Who knows if that's true though.