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Thursday, March 25, 2010

City Paper Publishes Best of 2010

I haven't gotten a chance to click through every category, but it looks like Shaw did well again in this year's Best of Poll by the Washington City Paper. Check out all of the results here. A few noteworthy nods include:

1. Wagtime won Best Doggie Daycare;

2. Nellie's won DC's Best Gay Bar/Club (followed by another Shaw venue, Town; and

3. The kimchi hog dog at the Passenger was the Best Bar Snack, picked by City Paper's staff.

I'm sure there are many others. Congrats to all winners!


Anonymous said...

How could you miss this one.

How much more Shaw can you get.
Haven't ventured in there yet but it is on the list. I love the house special.

Chris said...

I love city paper. Thanks for the link to the best of.