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Friday, January 22, 2010

Buy Me: 1555 Ninth Street Unit B

When I first moved to Shaw, a plywood-fenced-off-hole-in-the-ground occupied the southeast corner of Ninth and Q Streets, Northwest. It was the site of a development-gone-bad, ultimately leading to the collapse of an adjoining building. The vacant lot was an eyesore and a problem spot for neighbors, who sarcastically dubbed it "Lake Woodson."

Since that time, I have followed the progression of the mud lot's redevelopment, from planning stages to the construction of a beautiful new four unit condominium building. It is now complete and looks beautiful. It really changes the entire feel of the 1500 block of Ninth Street and the 900 block of Q Street.

One of the four units--the dramatic corner unit--is currently for sale. It features three bedrooms and three baths, an open floor plan, an Italian kitchen, custom Pella windows, private balconies, parking, and more. Check out its online listing here and take a virtual tour of it here.

There is an open house this Sunday (January 24, 2010) from 1-3. Stop by to see this gorgeous and notable new development!


Mark said...

Holy Moly! It's a nice place but 750,000 nice? It's hard to imagine anyone paying over 500.

Shaw Rez said...

For what it's worth, $750k is the asking price after a price reduction...

Granted I don't really know the market, but I think a new 3 bedroom condo with high end finishes and parking could yield more than 500k (although maybe not 750k). It's a pretty great location -- you can almost see the metro from the back door, it's safe, a lot of development activity all around, etc. I'll report on final sales price.