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Thursday, December 17, 2009

HPRB Calendar Provides Insight into Future Development

HPRB has a meeting today (December 17) with several Shaw projects on the calendar. The following links (all PDFs) are to the Historic Preservation Review Board Staff Reports and Recommendations. While the projects still have to maneuver through the approval process, it is exciting to know people are still investing significantly in our neighborhood!

1. 907 N Street (a few doors west of The (former) Space) - the property owner seeks an extension of an approval for a conceptual design application that was reviewed by the HPRB in 2003. The project involved construction of a new three story plus basement brick row house in the vacant lot at 907 N Street NW.

2. 1316 8th Street - the property owner seeks conceptual design review for alterations and additions to a two-story rowhouse in the Shaw Historic District. The proposal calls for converting this two-story house into a four-unit apartment building with four stories. Currently, the first floor is located just above grade; the proposal calls for a basement to be excavated with an exterior areaway created to provide external access. The building would also be expanded up, with a traditionally-inspired mansard roof with dormers set flush with the front fa├žade. A roof deck would be added on top of the new top floor. The footprint of the building would remain essentially the same, with the exception of balconies and an external stair added to the rear.

3. 901 U Street - Restaurant operator Brixton Pub, with FORMDesign Architects, seeks conceptual approval for exterior alterations and a new rooftop access structure and deck railing at 901 U Street NW. The existing ground level storefront bays will be replaced with new storefronts featuring fixed, multi-pane windows and wood paneled kickplates. The new entry at the corner will include a half-lite glass door, sidelights, and a transom. The second story windows will be replaced with ganged, one-over-one windows. The deteriorated condition of the historic masonry precludes removal of the formstone, but the applicant will clean and paint the exterior of the building so that it will appear more uniform. The proposal also calls for construction of a roof-top deck, access structure and rail, all of which would be visible.

4. 1932 Ninth Street - the architect and owner seek on-going conceptual design review for an apartment and retail building proposed on a vacant site in the U Street Historic District. The property backs up to 9-1/2 Street, NW, a former alley with a row of 19th century alley dwellings, where a new three-story building would be constructed.

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David said...

And these and many more investments might even come to fruition if the HPRB didn't make you jump through so many hoops. There's bullet casings in the snow in Shaw, but you have to pay for a georgetown renovation and jump through their hoops. They'll be happy to approve contemporary new construction and waive their parking space requirements though. It's the most absurd thing in the world.