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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tasty Preview: Mandalay Restaurant

We were in Silver Spring on Tuesday night and decided, while there, to try out Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe. As you may recall, Mandalay is set to occupy the ground floor of a new mixed use (residential/retail) development coming to the corner of Ninth and P Streets, Northwest (see rendering of same here). Unfortunately the waitstaff did not have any specific information on the new location in Shaw.

Virgins to Burmese food (which is distinct from but influenced by the cuisine of China, India and Thailand), we asked our server to order for us, and we loved everything we tried. We split an order of spring rolls, a chicken dish (KyetThar ALoo Masala Hin), and a pork dish (WetThar ChoChin Gyaw). Others have since suggested additional must-haves from their menu, so we look forward to going back.

I have a feeling that the atmosphere of their new restaurant on Ninth Street will be a big upgrade from that of their Silver Spring location, which is in a a no-frills, kinda worn, and older looking building. I think Mandalay will be a favorite for many in our neighborhood, and can't wait for it to add to our dining options.


ML said...

Article in DC North says they would begin work this winter:

Hopefully that happens.

Also, someone should contact them and encourage them to start pursuing their liquor license sooner rather than later. While it should be easier following Queen of Sheba's efforts, Shiloh could protest theirs as well I'd guess.

Mari said...

Weren't they also in College Park? I used to frequent that College Park place before they pulled up stakes and went to Silver Spring. Beware, they've got itchy feet. They'll get you hooked and have you fall in love with their curries and boom and up and leave you and break your heart.
I'm not bitter.

Shaw Rez said...

too funny, Mari.

As the owner/chef of Mandalay is buying the retail space, as well as the residence above, at the 1501 9th development, here's to hoping they're in it for the long haul...