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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumors Somewhat Sourced

Here's a little bit of scuttlebutt from the neighborhood:

1. A yoga studio is going to occupy the former Long View Gallery Space at 1302 Ninth Street. It appears that bamboo wood floors are being laid currently. With Maruka next door, we're fast becoming a yogi haven!

2. Speaking of Long View Gallery, the gallery reopens in its new location at 1234 Ninth Street this week. The new interior is stunning.

3. 1600 Eighth Street (a Shiloh property) is reportedly under contract. Fingers crossed that an Abdo-ish residential development will soon come to that corner.

4. For $5, you can guess the circumference of the HUGE pumpkin at Old City Green. Proceeds go toward the community tulip planting project on October 31. If you have the winning guess, that huge pumpkin is delivered to your door for Halloween!


si said...

i heard last night that shatki is moving from 7th to the old Long View location on 9th.

Shaw Rez said...

you know, I *thought* Shakti might be the future tenant of that space and even emailed them to verify earlier this week! When I heard they were considering moving, I emailed them about the availability of 1302 -- do I get a commission?! lol.

Sebastian said...

Does anyone have any idea of what the property at 1600 8th sold for or the story of who will be living there? It would be nice if it wasn't a developer...If you have any info please let me know!