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Thursday, September 24, 2009

NPS Implememts Temporary Enhancement to Woodson Site

Some neighbors and I met with representatives from the National Parks Service recently to discuss temporary enhancements to the Woodson Site pending the full development of this national park in a few years. The improvements discussed included purely aesthetic items (e.g., installing window boxes or planters), educational items (e.g., installing signage regarding Dr. Woodson and the plans for the site), and safety/nuisance items (e.g., making the properties less conducive/attractive to loiterers and homeless). The Parks Service was very receptive to the ideas discussed and agreed to move forward with many temporary improvements.

Today, one of the safety/nuisance items we discussed became a reality. The recessed doorway to 1542 Ninth Street, Northwest, was sealed over with a gate. This recessed area has been a repeat encampment spot for homeless and has provided a dark enclave for nefarious conduct, so this measure is much appreciated by neighbors.

Thanks, NPS, and we look forward to seeing other temporary improvements erected soon!

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