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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fresh Grocer Considering Howard Town Center Development

Hat tip to DCist for spotting this report in the Washington Business Journal that Philadelphia-based The Fresh Grocer is considering opening a store in the planned Howard Town Center project. Wouldn't this be a great addition to the Shaw/LeDroit area?


si said...

Fresh Grocer was the MVSNA pick for the Wax Museum Site, now City Vista, back in the day. I love the ever growing options for food shopping!

reflexive said...

in our quests for more and more grocery options, i feel like we've really succeeded. with all the slated new grocers, i wonder if it will become an over saturated market.

still, i guess if we can keep building density, it'll be okay. but we need to build density.

still, markets, instead of supermarkets might be the smart growth option to pursue.

i'm speaking of dc in general.. well west of the river dc in general, not just shaw, u street