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Monday, July 13, 2009

Alternative to Massive Parking Lot Proposed for Bundy School

I am remiss for not having written about the ongoing debate regarding the current vacant lot behind Bundy School in the 400 block of P Street (not to be confused with the adjacent athletic fields, known as Bundy Athletic Fields). As I understand it, the lot is currently slated to become a massive parking lot for child advocacy group Safe Shores, which will soon occupy Bundy School. Some neighborhood residents have proposed reducing the size of the parking lot to accommodate a park (in particular, a dog park) while allowing for adequate off street, confidential parking for the reutilized Bundy School. The Washington Post and Greater Greater Washington report on the topic today.

I agree with park proponents that a large parking lot abutting P Street is harmful to the neighborhood. The oversized surface lot will create a dead-zone along P Street and will represent a missed opportunity for adding vitality to the block. A park, particularly a dog park, will attract users throughout the day and throughout the week, which will provide added security to the street and will enhance the adjacent and nearby parks, Safe Shores, schools, businesses, and residences as a result. Also, a dog park is needed in the eastern Shaw area, as none currently exists despite the area's numerous dog-owning citizens.

For more information, check out the Friends of Bundy Park webpage.

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