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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corduroy 's Second Floor Bar Offers a Delicious Value

Corduroy is regarded as one of Washington's best restaurants, and we're fortunate that it calls Shaw its home. Most regard Corduroy as a special occasion kind of place (and it is, for the record, an awesome venue for a special occasion), but its upstairs bar makes it much more accessible for the foodie on a budget.

For $30 every night (Monday through Saturday, 5 to 10 pm), the upstairs bar offers a three course prix fixe menu. The current menu offerings follow:
First Course
Soup of the day,
Fillipino style spring roles,
Mr. Calza's green salad with sherry vinaigrette,
Local caesar salad, or
Salad of local beats, carrots and goat cheese.

Second course
Delmonico steak with lyonnaise potato,
Fish of the day,
Duck confit with shitake mushroom and frisee, or
Wild mushroom linguine.

Flourless chocolate cake with coconut sorbet,
Selection of ice cream,
Pistachio bread pudding, or
Fresh fruit sorbet.
Additionally, the upstairs bar offers a happy hour special in which wines by the glass are $7.

1122 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001


Anonymous said...

I enjoy Corduroy's second floor bar and value also, but the last few times I visited, there was always a small (3-4) group of businessmen who had stopped by and were talking so loudly that we couldn't hear our own conversation. There is nothing upstairs to absorb the sound and the guys didn't care how loud they got either Since it was more than a one time happening, we quit going to the upstairs bar after work for happy hour. If I can't enjoy the wine and food, why spend my money there?

Shaw Rez said...

Huh -- sorry to hear that. We've always had good experiences upstairs, interacting with the bartender and with other patrons.

Anonymous said...

@Shaw Rez, the bartender we spoke to couldn't wait for the guys to leave either the first time. He said that they were there from a meeting at the Convention Center and there was nothing he could do about it. Since they wanted transient $$ more than these local residents (who had already been there many times before), we haven't been back - and don't plan on doing so. I expect that type of noise/behavior from a convention center hotel bar - not from Corduroy. /RobA

Shaw Rez said...

agreed -- that's no good. Sorry to hear, Rob.

Jason said...

we went last night ... food and service were spectacular. Thanks for the recommendation!