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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Shady Car Lot Gone

Mr. Q at Q Street News reports that the used car lot at P and Marion Streets, Northwest, is no more. Likely part of the Mayor's recent push to to eliminate these dangerous and unsightly conditions in District neighborhoods, it's great to see yet another car lot disappear from Shaw.

In related former used car lot news, preliminary site work at the corner of 9th and P Streets took place this past weekend. As you may recall, a beautiful new mixed use development is planned for the lot, which formerly housed Wings Motors.


ML said...

At one point Alex Padro was talking up the possibility of merging the former car lot at P and Marion, with the lot next to it that was the former site of a boarding house at P and 7th (burned in 68'), for development.

That's a sizable piece of land at a prominent intersection that could support a large development. Would be great to see ground-floor retail with sizable office space above.

Why office space? A key to developing Shaw amenities and reducing vagrancy and crime, is to have more "people with legitimate purpose" out on the street in the daytime. During the day, drug dealers/takers and drunks, know they can lay about Shaw and do what they want because there is no one around to protest, call the police or otherwise stop them. And office workers would spur more demand to support more businesses open during the day.

Shaw Rez said...

ML -- I'm totally with you re: the benefits of additional offices in Shaw for all of the reasons you cite!

Seems like it'd be a great idea for someone to develop those two lots together. Do I remember correctly that the city owns the 7th and P lot?

Shaw Rez said...

Of course pending development activity, I'd love to see community gardens (like the now-relocated 7th Street garden), regular farmers markets or good/above-board flea markets occupy some of these empty lots.

Mr. Q said...

Holy crap Shaw must be a well-read blog...I had over 200 visitors yesterday which is...well, let's just say a LOT more than my typical readership! I attribute that spike completely to your link yesterday...I'm sure my Paula Abdul and Madonna posts today will bring QSN back to its normal viewing levels!! :-) Have a great weekend!

ML said...

Yes, I believe the lot at 7th and P is currently city owned. I know it was a small park at some point, as you can see where there used to be benches. But I don't know if there have been any buildings on it post-68' or if its served any other purpose.

Someone a couple of years ago was proposing to build a day spa there, which seemed totally hair-brained and without any market research to back it up as a viable business. It wasn't clear how they were proposing to secure the land either.

I had also heard from Padro a while ago that the car lot had been owned by an older person who leased it for next to nothing. Which is probably how they stayed there in business so long.

Jason said...

Two words .... Honey Pig. A 24hour Korean BBQ joint right in our hood. I'd never leave. :)