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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Design: Maruka's Snazzy New Signage

Maruka recently installed new, permanent banner signage (including metal mounting brackets and a projecting vertical banner) on their building at the corner of Ninth and N Streets, NW. I think it looks great! Kudos to Maruka for all that they do to make their store look so inviting (from the gorgeous and lush planters to the enticing window displays to the open doors).

Speaking of signs, Barrack's Row has a great storefront sign guideline booklet (PDF) showcasing the do's and don'ts of good retail signage in a historic commercial district like ours (Maruka's new signage gets their seal of approval). I despise the back lit box signs that proliferate the District's commercial corridors (unfortunately there are a ton in our very own Little Ethiopia). Hopefully our main streets will someday be characterized by unique, attractive, inviting signs, and our businesses will benefit from the enhanced aesthetics as a result of the same.

Maruka School for Yoga and the Healing Arts and Retail Boutique
1300 Ninth Street NW (corner of 9th and N streets NW)

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I think that the new sign for Maruka looks great. I think that it is great to see residents and businesses improving the look of the neighborhood while keeping the non-commercial aesthetic. Although, I must admit that I saw a sculpture in Friendship Heights at Wisconsin Place and it looked amazing. Has anyone else seen this?
I did a little research and the sculpture has been done by Athena Tacha (, a world renowned Greek sculptor. She has partnered with another local company, The Art Display Company (, also world renowned after winning first prize, in 2009, in an international sign competition. The Art Display Company is involved in several aspects of the Wisconsin Place project.
The Art Display Company
401 Hampton Park Blvd.
Capitol Heights, MD 20743