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Friday, May 08, 2009

Maruka Offers Great Gifts for Mom

Maruka is known to many as the awesome yoga school located at 9th and N Streets that always has gorgeous, lush planters around their front doors. What you may not know is that Maruka is also comprised of a really cute retail boutique. If you've not purchased anything for Mother's Day for that special woman in your life, you should definitely pop in, as you will not leave empty handed.

Here's a rundown of their retail and retail philosophy:

The Maruka Retail Boutique manifests our vision of beauty and self. At Maruka, our passions for fashion, comfort and natural products intertwine to pamper the body, senses, and soul.

With unique designer jewelery, active wear and accessories, natural body products, minerals, and essential oils, we have crafted an emporium to promote inner health, enhance outer beauty, and provide for full, vibrant confidant, serene, and enriching lives.

Artisan Jewelry
We work with local and international artists to provide a unique array of the hottest designs to hit DC. Semi precious stones, pearls, amber, and much more. Every item is researched and hand selected by us. Come find the most beautiful pieces to accent your life and the ones you love.

Healing Minerals
From small chakra stones to beautiful geodes, come explore your attraction to certain minerals and find out what they may reveal about yourself.

Active Wear
Our active wear line is carefully chosen for integrity, design and comfort, to provide the best quality for our customers. And did we forget to mention the fashion too?

Ahhh, accessories are truly the spice of life. From clutch bags to bone bracelets—headbands to sandals, Maruka provides unique designs unparalleled in the area.

Natural Body Products
Soaps, bath salts, massage oils and so much more. All of our products are 100% natural, and crafted to pamper the outer self and heal the inner soul. Even our candles are 100% natural where the wax can be applied as a soothing body moisturizer.

Essential Oils
The olfactory senses are the shortest route to the soul. Learn how fragrant essential oils can help relax, temper, and heal. We have selected the highest quality natural oils available, and strongly endorse their rejuvenating properties.
Whether for mom or not, be sure to check out Maruka's great retail boutique soon!

Maruka School for Yoga and the Healing Arts and Retail Boutique
1300 Ninth Street NW (corner of 9th and N streets NW)

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Yan Naing said...

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. nice post and thanks for sharing...