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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Criminal Element

I hate reporting on crime and do not do so often. That said, I feel compelled to pass along the following for purposes of awareness and in hopes that someone will come forward with information leading to arrests. Be aware and vigilant for yourself and for others, as there is a despicable element in this world.

A man was shot in the 1100 block of Seventh Street last night (between L and M streets) at about 9:30 last night. DCist reports that he was pronounced dead on arrival at Howard University Hospital. No other details are available at this time. Anyone with information about this crime, please call the police at 202-727-9099 or 1-888-919-2746.

The following is video of a scary robbery of a store in broad daylight on Fourteenth Street. A gang of nine criminals robbed Universal Gear on May 13, and the crime was caught on camera. Contact the police or the store at or 202.319.0136 if you have any information that may lead to the arrest of these thugs.

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