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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10th Street Park Planning Meeting Next Wednesday

Next week, DPR's Office of Planning and Capital Projects will host another meeting to discuss plans to convert a vacant lot on 10th Street, NW between L and M Streets into a new park (read my previous post about the project concept here). The meeting will be held next Wednesday (May 27, 2009) at 7pm at the Kennedy Recreation Center.

I recently noticed that draft plans for the park have been uploaded to the Shaw Yahoo! Group. Below are a few of the images, which I think look really neat.


Lauren McK said...

As a resident of Mount Vernon Plaza apartments, I am so excited about this park. This will be a great addition to our area, and increase revenue at our neighborhood cafes.

Culinarily Quixotic said...

While I appreciate the beautifying of the neighborhood, I fear that a "aprk" will draw dog poop and homeless. It's ugly now, but at least it's safe. I'd much rather parking or a community garden (fenced in, locked at night), or even parking to pay for a coomunity garden elsewhere. Throwing money at the alley is not the answer, use this space efficiently and economically.

Shaw Rez said...

Culinarily - This park seems like it has been thought out to be more than just a homeless and dog-walker destination.

The park design seems to invite "good" activity -- its cafe seating right next to a coffee shop will likely be sought after by patrons of the same. Its climbing rock and fountain will likely be attractive to children, and parents will sit nearby to watch over their kids on nearby seating. As the park has been spearheaded by citizen, hopefully the park will be maintainted, in part, by the same invested stakeholders. Their ongoing involvement will also hopefully bring some activity to the park.

It'd be neat if a local gym (e.g., one of the ones Blagden Alley) could offer free yoga classes or something on the lawn periodically too.

Finally, based on the drawing, it looks like this park will be fenced and gated and, therefore, closed at night.