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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rent Me: Retail, Office and Residence at 1314 9th Street

It has been SO exciting to see new life breathed into my favorite building in Shaw, 1314 9th Street (sorry for not including a photo of it in its reclaimed glory in this post). The owners have done a really superb job in restoring this brick and copper beauty. One special touch that I appreciate is that they recently placed several historic photographs of and stories about the building in its gorgeous storefronts (including this really cool photograph of the building from around 1930 -- notice the trolley tracks on 9th Street!). Adding such displays to empty storefronts is a great idea and adds vitality to the streetscape (check out this entry by Project for Public Spaces on the benefits of placing such displays in empty storefronts. If only the Convention Center would do the same).

Most of 1314 9th is already available for lease and priced very reasonably. The ground floor commercial space is $2,500 a month (1,200 interior square feet at about $25 per square foot). The basement is available for an extra $500. Office space on the second floor, consisting of about 580 square feet in the front of the building, is available for $1000 a month. A 750 square foot 3rd floor apartment with a washer and dryer is available on June 1 for $1,000 a month has already been rented.

I have a feeling the owners will have no trouble leasing out this mixed use building, even in this economy. Here's to hoping some really cool neighborhood/specialtiy retail (like a cool salon or an art gallery or a wine bar or _______?) occupies that fantastic ground floor space!


ML said...

Shaw Bagels!!!

Come on quality bagel gurus, lease this space and finally bring an awesome bagel place to the city. Mix one part Grey Dog Coffee ( in the West Village of NYC with two parts Bodo's Bagels ( in Charlottesville, VA, and voila - guaranteed goldmine.

Or hip but not too pricey restaurant/bar.

Ah the rustic vibe of exposed brick, beams and big windows is so nice in a restaurant. Picture soft lighting, plants and jazz be-bop playing in the background. Maybe even a patio??

Follow the lead of 1905 or Nellie's up 9th St. or Hanks Oyster Bar in Dupont. Or Colorado Kitchen (RIP - I miss you and your doughnuts) that used to be up in Petworth. Serve great food and make it affordable enough that it could be a monthly stop for many, and you're golden.

Shaw Rez said...

I just received word that the rental apartment is spoken for already (toldya it'd go fast!).

ML - love your ideas.

Kendall said...

My office is v. near this building (in big, great building in Blagden Alley) and we're super excited at the prospects that this building or the Exchange (or both) will host a good restaurant. It's pretty lame pickings for lunch in that immediate area.

But this part of Shaw is really on the upswing and I'm happy we've got our office here.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Exchange has been taken over by a bank. No restaurants there...