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Monday, February 09, 2009

Buy Me: 915 Rhode Island Avenue [UPDATED 2/19/09]

Hat tip to Drew for sending the attached photo showing that 915 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest is for sale. If interested in learning more about the terms of the sale, call CBRE at 202.585.5659.

Back in 2006, then-Shaw-resident-and-urban-planning-student Rob Goodspeed wrote about this property. He reported
[The] DC city government’s online property sale database (which includes all sales from 1999 to the present) doesn’t contain a record for the address. The property assessment database lists its owner as Howard University and its value for 2007 as $631,750, with the existing structure contributing $159,820 to the total. The database also includes tax payment information since January 2005, and lists several payments to the city by Howard.

A Google search gives the impression the address has housed a physician’s office, insurance agent, and perhaps even a place of worship. All of this has made me begin to wonder how many other unused properties Howard owns. Sandwiched between a residential YWCA facility and Shaw Junior high just two blocks from the Metro, I have no doubt the property could interest a developer, or be better utilized by Howard University.
Here's to hoping that this property is better utilized in the near future under new ownership!

[UPDATE 2/19/09]

According to this Website, the 915 Rhode Island Avenue is for sale for $950,000. The property is described as follows:
This is an abandoned 3 story medical office building with on site parking. The property has excellent access along Rhode Island and 9th Street, and is 3 blocks to the Shaw/Howard Metro.


IMGoph said...

actually, here's hoping that a new owner razes the building and puts something more appealing in that space. they can clearly fit something a little larger in there, and it couldn't hurt to do something nicer than an ugly 60s-era cube.

si said...

read my mind, but is it vacant or occupied?

IMGoph said...

that building's been vacant for as long as i can remember.

Shaw Rez said...

It appears to be vacant, Si.

I agree that its architecture leaves a LOT to be desired and perhaps it would be ideal to raze it and start over. That said, I think a lot could be done to make it more attractive with its current design with relatively little investment.

Use-wise, I would love to see a business incubator in Shaw -- a place where entrepreneurs (e.g., a maintenance company, an internet company, a construction com a graphic design shop, whatever) can rent studio or office space relatively inexpensively, have access to fax and copy equipment, be mentored on business skills, etc. On a totally superficial level not having been inside, this building could be great for such use.