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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Eldon Condominiums Hotel

Last year, I reported about the renovation of a primely situated apartment building on L Street between 9th and 10th, The Eldon. The renovations wrapped up and the place really looks grand, but I've heard very little information about the completed project. Until today...

I just came across this website for the Eldon Condominiums Hotel. Apparently the building opened in November 2008 as a unique luxury hotel. Here are the details from the website's "about" section:

Built in 1926 by David L. Stern, the Eldon Condominiums Hotel, located at 933 L St. in Northwest Washington, DC is part of an on-going revitalization of the entire downtown neighborhood. The building is 10 stories high, and features a completely renovated interior as well as a historically restored exterior. The Eldon Condominium Hotel opened in November 2008 as a unique luxury Condo Hotel, and is a part of the revitalized Shaw Historic District. It offers 50 guest suites at a 4 star standard. Located just 1/2 a block from the Washington Convention Center and the Mt. Vernon Square Metro Station, Eldon Condominiums is at the center of D.C.'s new downtown. With one-two-and three bedroom suites and Penthouse ranging from 600 to 1500 square feet, Eldon Condominiums defines stylish, exclusive living in the heart of our nation's capital. Our luxury condominiums include granite floors, custom wood walls, side shower massage jets, and luxury fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops. There are queen size sofa beds in all suites. All suites are fully furnished.
What a great new offering for the Convention Center and for our neighborhood! Here's to The Eldon Condominium Hotel's unprecedented success!

The Eldon Condominiums Hotel
933 L Street, NW
Front Desk: 202-289-4323
Toll free: 877-GO-ELDEN (463-5336)

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Jeff said...

Doesn't this seem a little weird? What's a condo hotel? I've never heard of this before. Is there a registration desk? How does one check in? I'd love to know the backstory on this.

Shaw Rez said...

Judging from their website, there is a front desk, a reception area, and even a hotel bar.

I have heard of condo hotels before, but have never stayed at them. I imagine The Eldon is analogous to a really nice corporate apartment.

si said...

this is extremely sketchy and perhaps there are some shenanigans going on. Dont you need special licenses etc to operate a hotel & bar? Do they have them? Are they skirting the regs til the market gets more favorable? The developer's history has not been good, remember the illegal roof thing & all of the construction delays. Also the reviews are scary:

this is also intereting:

at 350-650/night on a block with marriot's vacant boarded up vagrant magnets, they are going to have a tough time. If they are on the level i wish them luck. said...

Doesn't this seem a little weird? What's a condo hotel? I've never heard of this before

Anonymous said...

I think this sounds like a great concept. A lot of government officials come into DC for weeks at a time and I've found that there is a lack of decent downtown corporate housing/long stay hotels. I would consider staying at The Eldon if I was in back in DC for just a few weeks or more.

Anonymous said...

I actually stayed at the Eldon during Obama's inauguration. The $1400 for 4 nights (Sat-Wed for 5 people) rate seemed far good to be true. Especially considering the $300 deposit was refundable and other available lodgings for the inauguration were running around $1000 per night. I really expected to be scammed and made back up plans to come into DC from Baltimore on inauguration morning if necessary. But in the end my stay went off without a hitch. Other than some grand opening glitches (leaky bathroom sink, inoperable front door buzzer) my stay at the Eldon was marvelous. Thanks for helping me witness history.