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Monday, December 08, 2008

French Street Park Makeover

The brutalist, concrete-intense, 1970's-era park once located at 10th and French Streets (pictured above, via Google Street View) is currently being transformed into a new community park. The Department of Parks and Recreation reports that the new park should be ready by next summer. The new park will feature a community patio, new level paths, mature trees already present, areas for community garden plots, and a lawn. Check out a .pdf of the design here.


Anonymous said...

It looks kinda cheesy, but it's a vast improvement. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

It looks better than what is there. But, do you think that this won't attract people hanging out and drinking out of brown paper bags all day. I know this park, and before the fence went up, there were a lot of problems. I hope it works out for the neighborhood though.

Anonymous said...

any news on that big hole of undevelopment in the very heart of Shaw, The CityMarket at O?

I hate the fact that the City Center and other downtown developments already have signage around their sites illustrating/explaining the plans (something Roadside and Metropolitan were asked about in public meetings) and yet we don't get the same courtesy in Shaw.