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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Upcoming Douglas Development Projects

Did anyone happen to notice Douglas Development Corporation's advertisement in Kevin Chapple's latest (awesome) edition of ANC2c02 & You (see page 23 of the .pdf)? The ad indicates four very intriguiging new-to-me upcoming Douglas Development projects in Shaw: 1136 9th Street, NW, 1216-1218 9th and 1226 9th Street*, 1234-1238 9th Street, and 922-924 N Street. It would be such a boon to the convention center area to see all of these properties overhauled in the near future. I hope to learn more about these projects and their development timeline.

*Last month, I wrote about the condemation of 1216-1218 9th and 1226 9th Street. It appears the condemnations have since been lifted.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is huge news!! We could have something like 7th Street by Verizon Center if Douglas works its magic on 9th!! I wonder what the timeline is?!?

Mr. Q said...

Any news on The Exchange at 9th and N? Any tenants signed or rumors on potential tenants?

And I agree that is exciting news - hopefully moves on improving the properties as quickly as they've done The Exchange...

Anonymous said...

A friend was looking to rent a studio in the Exchange but it was WAY overpriced. After trying to negotiate the price down, the broker told him that the apartments had been taken off the market until September. Our guess is that they are trying to decide whether to make it condo or apartment and then plan a splashy open house campaign.

As for the new development on 9th. I saw a rendering for one of the projects on DCMUD or dcmetrocentric. It incorporated the existing facade in a very interesting way... If I find it, I'll pass it along.