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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thinking About: Rusty Light Posts

An article in today's Post about the introduction of historically inspired, aesthetic-improvement oriented "Washington Globe" streetlights in neighborhoods all over the district got me thinking about a lot of the light posts throughout Shaw (or at least the ones I see most regularly on 9th). It seems that many could look a whole lot better if only they'd get a good sanding and a coat of paint. Has anyone else noticed how many of our light poles are faded and rusty? While new Washington Globe lights might improve the area's visual appeal and brighten the streets at night (possibly to the dismay of neighbors, who will apparently be blinded by the light pouring in from these things according to the Post article), I think a good paint job would do wonders.

Mari's post pointed me to the WaPo article.

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Anonymous said...

I was walking around the hood with someone from the Mayor's office last weekend and we talked about this. He had the same recommendation for sanding and paint. The problem is getting someone to actually do it. Sounds like a pretty simple job the city would have to employ and pay someone to do. Pity there aren't more people who need such jobs that would require little training.

Personally, I like the light, the more the better. Keeps me from tripping over my dog during nocturnal visits to the throne. Midnight Sun in Norway never posed a problem for me.