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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Logan Row Phase II Delivers

It appears that Phase II of the Logan Row Development, located in the 1400 block of 11th Street, is nearing completion and that delivery is imminent. Developed by Ellis Denning Properties, Phase II is a 20-unit (one and two bedrooms), 4 story, all-new construction project. Phase II also includes a common roof deck (over Phase I) for all Logan Rowers to enjoy. Penthouses in the 4 story section feature private roof decks.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that on their map of the neighborhood that they list no businesses or ammenities on 9th Street. Only Logan Circle Businesses (some which are even closed).

Shaw Rez said...

haha--good observation, anon!

In their defense, I don't think their website has changed at all since I first looked at it a while back. Accordingly, the map may predate the many notable 9th Street additions of the past few years (like Vegetate, Azi's, be bar, Queen of Sheba, Long View, and so on and so forth -- wow, we've gotten a lot in recent history!). Even if they seek to highlight the Logan-ness of the project, they would be remiss for intentionally leaving off these places.

loganmo said...

Awesome....even *more* new condos that will sit vacant due to the credit and housing crunch. How long before Logan Row Condos becomes Logan Row Apartment Community?

Anonymous said...

According to the web site 10 of 20 units have sold.