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Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Shoutouts

I'm feeling inspired again this week to touch on some of the many exciting things Shaw offers to make your weekend amazing... Take a look and enjoy our awesome neighborhood:

1. Brunch is BACK at Vegetate on Saturdays - Oh happy day -- Starting this weekend, Vegetate is again serving brunch! This go-round, brunch is on Saturdays (which I personally prefer over Sundays) starting at noon. They will offer items from their regular menu along with brunch specials weekly and, I assume, their delicious Bloody Marys!

2. Beautiful Weather = Perfect Time to Hang Out on Nellie's Sports Bar's or The Space's Roof Deck - Nellie's Sports Bar at 9th and U Streets, NW and The Space is at 903 N Street both have great roof decks for taking in the lovely spring weather.

3. Celebrate with the Queen on Sunday - from 5 to 7 pm on Sunday (April 27), Queen of Sheba Restaurant (1503 9th Street, NW) will express their gratitude for the community's support of their liquor license application and celebrate the Ethiopian Easter during a reception this weekend with free food and tastings of Ethiopian beers and wines.

4. These Regular Options Are Always Great - the Liberation Dance Party at DC9, the shows at 9:30 Club, Black Cat, Arena Stage, and Studio Theater, the cultural offerings of the Warehouse Arts Complex, Project 4 Gallery, the Ninth Street Gallery, and the Long View Gallery, the chance to get your freak on and knock back some drinks at places like The Space, Avenue, Be Bar, Nellie's Sports Bar, and Old Dominion Brewhouse, and great meals at Vegetate, Etete, or Queen of Sheba.

Have a suggestion for a weekend activity? Leave it in the comments or email me at slumhistorique at yahoo dot com.


The Shaw Garden said...

The walking tours! I can't wait!

Bliss at Black Cat!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that Pamela Anderson was at Vegetate last night?
I got a text from several people that claim they saw her there with a film crew/photographers, etc. How exciting! Pam Anderson in Shaw?

si said...

Ms. Pamela was definitely in town according to the Examiner...

Shaw Rez lovely to see you & Drew at the Arboretum plant fest! I must confess we went back on sunday for the 1/2 price fire sale. I was so happy to find several hard to find plants that i hope to nurture into splendid-ness. black elephant ear & black hollyhock are the ones I am positively ecstatic about!

Drew said...

It was great seeing you as well Si!!

As it was our first plant sale at the Arboretum we were completely unprepared. We were on our way out of town and therefore couldn't buy all the things we wanted! There's always next year!

I can confirm Pamela has eaten food from Vegetate before... I know she has ordered pickup to her hotel room when she was staying in town. It would be awesome if she visited the place... I'm sure Dominic and Jennifer are thrilled!