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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thinking About: Howard Law School

The Howard University Law School has a great reputation and an impressive alumni roster, confers an average of 185 Jurist Doctorate and Master of Law degrees annually, and employs a faculty of approximately 50 full-time and adjunct professors. Interestingly, the law school is not located on the main campus of Howard, but in the Van Ness area of D.C. Sometimes referred to as Howard's "West Campus," the site of the law school (which had previously been home to the now-defunct Dunbarton College) was purchased in 1974.

I have visited Howard Law School's campus. It really is a beautiful setting, with beautiful gothic buildings and a stunning new law library. Law schools don't typically need to be located in close proximity to their undergraduate counterparts, and I think space is a at a premium on Howard's main campus near Shaw. Nonetheless, I lament that the law school isn't located in or around our neighborhood.


si said...

best sledding spot in the city. on those rare occasions we actually get snow...

if you think about it georgetown has the same deal. the law school is over by the east end PQ, quite far from the main campus.

Shaw Rez said...

Yeah, although Georgetown's location near the Capitol and the courts makes more sense to me. Howard's law school seems off the beaten path.

I think it would do a lot for Howard's law school to be located closer to downtown: Among other things, a move would provide easier access to the courts, the Capitol, and potential legal employers/internships; increased accessibility of their clinics; and a more metropolitan/city setting. Likewise, our community would benefit greatly from having the law school's students and professors nearby.

rr 446 said...

the jesuits have owned much of the land from north capitol and K south to E Street for over 100 years, including saint aloysius gonzaga college high school and church just north of georgetown law school.