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Friday, February 22, 2008

Details Magazine Spotlights Florida Avenue Grill

In perusing this month's Details magazine, I was thrilled to see the Shaw neighborhood specifically mentioned in an article about great breakfast destinations in the United States. Props to the Florida Avenue Grill for this notable shoutout! In whole, the post about the Florida Avenue Grill reads:

Florida Ave. Grill, Washington, D.C.
1100 Florida Avenue NW, 202-265-1586
Even with harsher restrictions on congressional gift-taking, the city’s power players can surely afford to dicker in nicer places than this dive. But slick d├ęcor is no match for good scrapple. Inside a grungy little building in the Shaw neighborhood, photos of just about every D.C. politico who ever was (including Marion Barry) cover the walls. That crisp-edged scrapple (pork parts pressed into squares) is a Pennsylvania thing, but most of the Grill’s exemplary breakfast repertoire—country ham, biscuits with redeye gravy, grits drenched with molten butter—has a southern bent. And it’s all served with kindly sass by a team of seasoned waitresses.

I've never made it to the Florida Avenue Grill, but have always thought it looked like a great spot for some bacon and eggs. And to now know that they serve great country ham, biscuits, and -- oh my -- GRITS?!??!! I'm so there. The Washington Post reports that the Florida Avenue Grill is a favorite Saturday morning spot for Janet Reno.

Check out the entire article here. It also mentions a place I love in Charleston, South Carolina -- the Hominy Grill.


5th & R said...

Are there any good places in Shaw to go to for Ethiopian breakfast? I'm kindof envisioning a fitfit with eggs and meat, but I'm not sure if that even exists. Any ideas?

rr 446 said...

i'm a regular at the florida avenue grill

ML said...

5th & r - Queen of Sheba at 9th and P serves fitfit for breakfast... and they serve eggs. Not sure they have an option of both together, but there you go.

I dig the Florida Ave. grill and am happy to see they're starting to be open late-nite on weekends. That's when diner food is best IMHO.

Though I would caution to not over do it. They use real lard and lot's of grease in cookin' up breakfast. Definitely delicious, but certainly not healthy.

rr 446 said...

haha ml thanks for the tips. i wouldnt be caught in that part of shaw after dark. Garfield Terrace is right across the street.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding about the after dark/Garfield Terrance thing, right? I mean, GT hasn't been really bad in something like 5 or 10 years.