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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Corduroy Restaurant Opening Expected in March

Foodies city-wide are hungering for the re-opening of Corduroy Restaurant , which closed shop last month to move to its new location across from the Convention Center at 1122 9th Street, NW. According to the restaurant's website, the new location is expected to open next month.

Forrester Construction is hard at work to give Corduroy a home worthy of its excellent reputation. According to Forrester, the design for the new Corduroy "will involve a 7,000 SF gut and renovation of a 19th century townhouse with an addition. Features include elm millwork, stone staircases, high-end art collection, bar area, and an exposed wine room." The design-team behind the renovation and build-out is Core Architects. Core's impressive portfolio includes designing stand-out restaurants like Brasserie Beck, Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, and BlackSalt.

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Sam Farmer said...

Great. Looks like the restaurant will have a space of the same caliber of the cooking.