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Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday

I hope you are in the comfort of your home and not at work on this brisk MLK Monday morning. The following is a rundown of some of the things on my mind today:

+ Chatman's D'vine Cravings's soft opening is today. I spoke with the proprietors on Saturday, who said the originally announced opening was delayed due to the DCRA process.

+ Sadly, a fire yesterday displaced the residents of 1535 9th Street. Thankfully all people and animals made it out of this painstakingly renovated row home unharmed.

+ The official ReNew Shaw vehicle got a parking ticket for not having angle parked/backed in last Sunday during church hours on 9th Street (something that I've never seen enforced before and that I figured wasn't required but simply allowed during those hours). Fair enough; I didn't move the car when I woke up on Sunday morning to accommodate the greater density that the temporary angled parking allows. I wonder, however, if cars that remain angled after the time period were likewise ticketed, or if other cars in clear violation of safety-oriented parking mandates (e.g., double parking next to Scripture Cathedral, parking in no parking zones close to the corners, etc.) were likewise ticketed.

Sorry for my silence of late. I haven't been sick or on vacation or anything, but have instead been loaded down here at work. I'll try to resume posting regularly soon.


Anonymous said...

Fight the ticket Ray! The police departments selective enforcement almost borders on religious persecution! I often still see cars angled parked well after the 2:00pm time frame -- do I see tickets-- NO.

Shaw Rez said...

anon - I didn't do a survey of the area on the Sunday I got my ticket (Sunday a week ago), so I can't say one way or another whether other tickets were likewise issued. I know that yesterday I saw several illegally parked cars around 9th and P that were not ticketed.

also, fwiw, longtime neighborhood activist/fount of wisdom/oracle/comedian "ray" isn't the author of this blog.

Anonymous said...

You mean Ralph. Ray is the old coot who usually screeds on Shaw Neighborhood Yahoo Users' Group, which, if I may put in a plug, also fronts as the digital mouthpiece for the newly-formed CONVENTION CENTER COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. CCCA fills in the doughnut hole without a community organization basically east and north of the Convention Center. The next meeting is Tuesday the 29th at the KenRecCen. Tell all your neighbors. Ruth Wielgosz is acting as rotating chair for this session. (Mr. Ray)

Clara Barton Dweller said...

OMG, I hope you did not get ticketed while all those (SUBURBAN!) double-parkers that are always around were not - that would be awful. Why does the cynic in me believe that is exactly what happened??