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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Exchange Gives Us a Sidewalk Back and Looks Great

It appears that The Exchange is progressing nicely and that the Spring 2008 delivery date (announced last year) will likely be met. This past weekend, I noticed that the construction fence closing the sidewalk adjacent to the N Street portion of The Exchange has been removed. A new brick sidewalk is now open to pedestrians. Hopefully the sidewalk adjacent to the 9th Street portion of the building, still fenced off, will likewise reopen soon.

I love the detail work currently being installed on the first floor exterior (lots of granite, marble, and ornate woodwork frame the bay windows and doorways) and the paint scheme of the upper windows. I am glad to see such high quality finishes and attention to detail on this important project just north of the Convention Center. I can't wait to find out what tenant mix will fill the first floor retail spaces and to see the residences filled with new neighbors.


Anonymous said...

off topic, but any idea what was going on this morning at 4:30am around 8th and t street. there was a police helicopter circling quite low for at least 30 mins.

Omar said...

It might of had to do with this "Neighbors heard shots fired early this morning (2 am or 4 am) in the alley
between 8th and
9th -- 1800 block (between S and T). A police car drove through the alley about
5 or ten
minutes later.

Could someone please give us more information about this incident? Many thanks.
" from MPD-3D listserv