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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Exchange: Offices Available Immediately

On my way to work today, I noticed this sign advertising that offices in The Exchange are available for lease immediately (sorry for the poor cell phone picture quality).

I am so excited for The Exchange to be nearing completion; it really is looking awesome. With the residences, offices and retail that this mixed use development/historic rehabilitation will bring to 9th and N, lower 9th will really get a boost of even vitality and energy.


Shaw Rez said...

Related query -- what sort of offices would y'all like to see go in at The Exchange?

I think offices for creative-types would be cool (e.g., graphic design, architecture, advertising firms). A dentist office might be a nice convenience to the area also.

ML said...

Other related query - have you noticed that the for sale sign is now gone from the old welding company building, and has been replaced by a Douglas Development office space for rent sign? This building is a one story, farther south on 9th street from the Exchange, and near Wagtime on the West side.

I remember that this building had been for sale, and that in particular 'air rights' to build something up above accounted for a hefty price tag - couple million if I recall.

Know what may be going on there?

Shaw Rez said...

ML - interesting! I know exactly which building you referencew but have not seen the new signage.