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Monday, January 28, 2008

Call To Action: Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park

Read Rob Goodspeed's detailed story about the beaurocratic hold-up--potentially causing the shelving of the project completely--in the design and construction of the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park here. Of note, he concludes that:

Since my polite inquiries and the assistance of the neighborhood’s elected officials has not resolved the problem, I encourage all District residents to contact the officials below. Tell them to find a solution to the legal technicalities, approve funds for design and construction of the Carter G. Woodson Park. I have no doubt a legal solution can be found to pay for the art for this much-needed park.

Emeka C. Moneme
Director, D.C. Department of Transportation

David P. Gragan, CPPO
Chief Procurement Officer, D.C. Office of Contracting and Procurement

Reba Pittman-Walker
CEO and General Manager, Washington Convention Center Authority


Anonymous said...

Since the money that was supposed to be put into the budget for the N St park may not be set aside for that park (because of a pointless meeting held a few weeks ago), maybe Jack Evans can set aside money for the CGW park.

si said...

This is driving me nuts, its like the same thing is happening over & over. Again I ask: why must we ONLY plan to spend millions of dollars to completely overhaul these parks? Its great if they'd actually do it but all we get are arguments and broken promises. Why cant they spend a pittance in comparison and do some BASIC fixes??! Some plants, nice fencing, know, maintenance??! They could make all 3 parks look halfway pretty and probably get the neighbors to do the labor & planting!

Boris Willis said...

I was in the park today and I will be featuring it in my video blog in the near future. It really looks sad.