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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday Sights and Sounds

Yesterday's weather was gorgeous and offered a great excuse to walk around the neighborhood. Below are a few shots from Shaw.

The Long View Gallery's Stacie Albano show is still beautiful:

The Green Festival offered a bike valet while the city failed to empty the trash across from the convention center:

Acadiana's al fresco dining is mighty tempting (although this picture does it no justice):

Work on Shiloh's Vacant Properties on 8th Street was ongoing despite the Sabath:

The sign that read "Shiloh Property 232-4200" and that was painted on Shiloh's vacant property at 1600 8th Street by a neighbor has been painted over:

The Exchange recently received most of its windows, and things look to be moving along steadily at the project:


Anonymous said...

I really LOVE the new banners at the Convention Ctr...they make the area look a lot more polished, and help define where the businesses are!

JimonMarion said...

I really like your blog and all the neighborhood info you supply us. A day doesn't pass that I don't pay you a visit. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work, ShawRez!


Shaw Rez said...

anon - I agree--the banners do a lot for the streetscape and for the visibility of the retail spots in the convention center. I think they're great and meant to snap a picture of them while out yesterday!

Jim - Thanks for reading! Fortunately there's a lot to write about!