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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our Schools Need You

First of all, there's a special election today for the Board of Education. From Jim Graham:
The school board election is [today], Aug. 21, so please take some time to go to the polls. The board has important new state-level responsibilities, including approving standards for such essentials as art and foreign languages. The higher the turnout tomorrow, the more effectively our elected member can speak.

To find your polling place, please visit the DC Board of Elections and Ethics website at Slate for Wards 1 & 2: Mary Lord
Second, this Saturday is DC Public School Beautification Day. As reported by Treebox Vodka:

This is great way to get involved in your community and to keep our schools looking good.
Details: Saturday, August 25th8AM - 1PM
Register to volunteer.
For more information: email or call Naimah Beyah (202) 727-0488


Mr. Ray said...

When I lived in Japan, parents and students kept their school clean, which included scrubbing the wooden floors, cleaning desks and windows, pounding erasers, providing decorations, plants, small critters in cages. O-sojikai -- collective cleaning activities occured on the Saturday short day every month or so. All were expected to participate in some way, including the fat, the asthmatics, and the lame. That's sort of what happens in Capitol Hill and many upper Northwest schools, where parents and students care and run the schools. Without student and parent participation in cleaning up our historic slum's schools, it is nothing but patronizing expiation of liberal guilt.

Anonymous said...

...or it could just be taking an hour or two out of your busy day to help out your community...

Anonymous said...

...Mr Ray, you left out the over medicated.