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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Hours Shouldn't Be Missed

I hate missing the neighborhood happy hours, as they are great forums for meeting new people, raising concerns and finding out about stuff going on in the area. Fortunately, the moderator always sends out summary emails to attendees (and past attendees), so you can find out what was discussed in your absence. I couldn't make last night's happy hour, so took pleasure in reading the summary email I received this morning. I'm sure the notes will be posted elsewhere (probably here ), so I don't want to steal anyone's thunder. No less, I can't refrain from sharing the following items that grabbed my attention:

+ Queen of Sheba Liquor Licence Mediation Failed - The ABRA will again hear from the Queen today, hopefully freeing her from the protest filed by Campbell Johnson's protest group.

+ Downtown Boxing - Our neighborhood boasts a pretty cool hidden gem known as Downtown Boxing (on Blagden Alley), providing introductory boxing instruction. Check out their website here

+ Warehouse Bar and Music Venue Closes Sunday, July 29 - Read the story here

+ A.V. Ristorante Closes Saturday, July 28 - Read the story here

Another regular meeting that shouldn't be missed is Kevin Chapple's Single Member District Meeting, which will be tonight at 7 p.m. at the Kennedy Recreation Center.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shaw Rez, did you see that a Rita's ice cream shop is supposedly coming to the convention center area?!?! SWEET (literally)!!

It's on dcist, and the link mentions you specifically........

Mr. Ray said...

Went with family and friends to AVs for the last time tonight. Lots of DC notables there. We all had tears in our eyes as we snapped photos of the white pizza, Augosto I and II, Carlos, John and the surroundings that have fed us for two decades. I guess its minimalst chick food substitutes from now on in Shaw -- like those scary Sorlent Green sliders at Vegetate.

monkeyrotica said...

AV had a good run and they made a killing on the sale. Good luck to the family. I just wish someone would move all the gewgaws and gimcracks to another part of town that needs a cheap sitdown restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ray you should seriously consider becoming a food critic/writer. You obviously have an impeccable palate. You complain about Shaw constantly, but then you also complain about the small businesses that have come into Shaw. These businesses make the neighborhood some what safer and your property value increase. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, lessee. Crummy but cheap food? Or crummy but overpriced and too freaking precious food?

Guess which line I'm in?

Anonymous said...

Crummy as in bad quality food that'll kill you with too much oil and nearly everything frozen from god knows where. Or crummy as in you just can't appreciate it, with all high quality foods that won't make you sick, nothing frozen, no preservatives and all housemade. You're in the wrong line. When Corduroy opens across the street from Old Dominion Brewery, I guess you and mr. ray will still be eating frozen hot wings.