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Monday, June 25, 2007

Warehouse to Downsize Operations and Possibly Move

Check out DCist's report on the significant downsizing of operations at the Warehouse Arts Complex. When it reopens after its annual August hiatus, all that will remain will be its theater and art gallery (the cafe/bar and frequent music will be no more). Incredibly high real estate taxes prompted the decision, and DCist reports that the owners are scouting out venues in other locales around the city to relocate operations.

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si said...

they are not alone in this massive 500% tax hike. The parker gallery, another independent business with much longevity is looking for new space. They rent but taxes make the rent go up. the entire block was raised and who knows how many other businesses in the whole area are going to suffer. I wrote Jack Evans to advocate for some sort of independent business/arts tax relief.