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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Condemnation Hearing Today (June 13)

I encourage all to attend this morning's meeting of the D.C. Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings. Shiloh’s recently condemned properties are on the agenda. Commenters have suggested that accountability is often needed at these meetings to ensure that complete and accurate information about the properties at issue is presented to the board.

The meeting is at 11:30 A.M. today (Wednesday, June 13, 2007) at 941 N Capitol Street, NE, Room 9500. The closest metro stop is Union Station. You need a photo I.D. to get into the building.


Apollo said...

Any word yet on how this went?

Jason said...

Here's the report. Ray was also there and can supply additional details.

I went at about 11 - after being told by the DCRA, they would be reviewing this case at 11:30. Well, apparently, Michael Neibauer from the Examiner was there earlier and they went ahead and heard the case around 10ish. So all public/neighbor participants missed the actual hearing with Shiloh and the DCRA.

However, Alfred Ajebon from DCRA met with all interested neighbors in a conference room at DCRA (there were 5 of us including Alex Padro)

The basics:
DCRA has declared the houses "Insanitary". This gives the DCRA the right to fix the properties. If DCRA fixes the properties they have to go through all the channels of competitive bidding, reviews, etc... And then DCRA would place a lien against the properties to cover the taxpayer costs. Probably six months before starting work.

The other, more likely, option is that Shiloh will beat DCRA to the punch and do the repairs themselves. DCRA has met with a contractor that Shiloh has hired to do the anticipated work. And DCRA apparently will be tracking this on a weekly basis with Shiloh.

All Shiloh is required to do is bring them up to "vacancy" code. New roof, properly boarded window, first floor work, proper masonry, etc... They don't have to be habitable.

Shiloh was also given condemnation notices for two 8th street properties as well. DCRA said it will follow the same processes as they did on the 9th street properties.