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Thursday, May 24, 2007

City Cracks Down on Illegal Used Car Lots

Read this story about how the City is cracking down on illegal car lots throughout the city. I know Shaw is home to several (dare I say numerous?) car lots that detract from the streetscape and that don't seem to transact much--if anything--in the way of car sales. Hopefully these raids will lead to the erradication of this situation. As the article points out, in addition to neighborhoods, the legitimate, legal car businesses will benefit from this crackdown.


Anonymous said...

What makes a car lot illegal?

Shaw Rez said...

I'm just guessing here, but maybe lacking a license to do business, not complying with zoning, issuing non-compliant temporary tags, etc.

I looked up the tax records of a used car lot near me, and oddly the address shows up as a vacant property. The whole operation looks a little sketchy, though I do see people and things coming and going regularly (though I never see anyone kicking the tires of the many cars that appear never to move).

Mr. Ray said...

Main bidness in used car lots is selling temporary tags stolen from DMV (requisitioned usually through employees)or simply forged. Some folks also involved in chop shopping and selling parts abroad --- big, big bidness.

Anonymous said...

Wing MotorCar on the corner of 9th and P is a filthy/disgusting property. I bet mary sutherland loves this property as it currently stands.

Shaw Rez said...

Anon @ 6:31 - Interestingly, 1501 9th Street (the address for Wing Motors) shows up on the DMV's 1/24/06 revoked dealer list ( Assuming the 2 page document is really 1 spreadsheet, the name of the business when the revocation occurred was "Harmony Motors."

1501 9th Street shows up as a vacant property in the OTR's tax database.