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Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Shoutouts in Hindsight

I was in a wedding in South Carolina this weekend so I a) apologize for not getting my weekly “Weekend Shoutouts” posted on Friday; b) am SWAMPED at work this morning and don’t have time to make a substantive post; c) am out of the loop regarding the latest Shaw news and excitement.

Accordingly, today I’ll turn the tables on you: what exciting things did you do in our great neighborhood this past weekend? Brunch at Vegetate? Gallery Stroll? Garden in the Seventh Street Garden?


si said...

aside from the kooky performance art at Warehouse on thursday, it was all about the flowers!

were you IN the wedding?

Shaw Rez said...

Si -

Yep--I was a groomsman. It was an awesome weekend that included lots of time on the beach, reuniting with good, old friends, etc.

Apart from the pollen, I love this time of year: everything is really bursting with life! It's hard *not* to work outside on the weekends!

JB said...

Perfect weather for chilling outside at Azi's.

Also, not quite Shaw but a close neighbor - we checked out Brassiere Beck at 11/K. Not bad. A bit of an upper-mid-class-out-of-towner vibe though. But great selection of beers and the food was pretty tasty. Service was pretty bad but probably working out the early kinks.

Shaw Rez said...

JB - I cannot wait to check out Brasserie Beck! I consider it close enough to count in the Shaw scene! Thanks for the report!

Martin said...

Gettin' all dirty hangin' with the WestEnders, diggin' in the Scott Montgomery garden, and my own on Saturday was what weekends were made for.

si said...

Awesome. I get to be in a wedding in june...(my brother's) I'm wearing lilac & happy its in DC.

martin you are really inspiring me! weve got a little patch of land to reclaim from the police at 5th & NY and I'm really starting to get motivated. I also took a walk down 5th st to the courthouse. there is one of those triangle parks right there in indiana ave that is really nicely manicured with a few trees, grass, mulch, liriope, & pansies. There is no reason our swatches in shaw & mt vernon square shouldnt look like that.

anyhoo im off to call in a treebox in chinatown with a live tree that was encased in asphalt. damndest thing.